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Square1 originally helped to develop and brand The Allstars, a consortium of leading international travel management companies, offering local expertise on a global scale.

The Brief

As they grew, The Allstars identified a requirement to expand and develop their brand, to level the playing field with their corporate competitors and ensure their external perception was equal to the high level of service they delivered.

The Solution

The Allstars returned to Square1 for branding advice and support, and working in close partnership, have now successfully rebranded and launched ATG, the AllStar Travel Group.

Starting with ATG’s core values, Square1 developed all-new brand guidelines and a comprehensive marketing strategy that will help cement ATG’s foothold in the marketplace, strengthen existing partnerships and build new relationships with both clients and industry partners, through a number of targeted campaigns and PR.

To support this strategy, Square1 created all-new branded assets, including a fresh visual identity & corporate logo, a modern website, social network profiles, motivational video and a range of both digital and printed marketing collateral and stationery.

The Results

Working as ATG’s out of house marketing department, Square1 continue to provide brand, marketing and communications support for ATG, and look forward to continuing our long, successful partnership together for many years to come.

“This is the awesome-est of all awesome things!”




ATG (the AllStar Travel Group) is an international all star team of travel management companies, working together to create an exceptional travel experience. Formerly known as the AllStar's. 

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