Peninsula Petroleum

Physical strength, global reach…

Peninsula Petroleum Ltd is a major physical bunker and lubricant supplier at the ports of Gibraltar, Ceuta, Canary Islands and Panama and is active as a worldwide trader with annual sales in excess of 7,000,000 metric tonnes.

The Brief

Like many clients, Peninsula Petroleum had found themselves in a rut as far as their sales presentations were concerned. Death by PowerPoint was their own diagnosis and so the asked us to tell their story, to various different audiences, in a much engaging, dynamic way but which their international sales team could passionately communicate.

The Solution

First off, we got to work understanding the Peninsula Petroleum personality but running some brand workshops. The job was then to translate that personality into a powerful presentation so we totally redesigned the look and feel of their standard PowerPoint templates and threw out a lot of the onscreen content in favour of animated graphics, hyperlinked images, video and interactive elements (such as maps and drill-downs). This put the emphasis on the presenter to engage with their audience – something we coached on how to achieve – while making the presentation itself a very interesting background to their ‘live’ performance.

Of course, we repurposed the traditional laptop PowerPoint version to Keynote, so sales staff could deliver more personal presentations via their iPads and iPhones. And as new facts & figures came in, we could quickly and easily translate the Excel information into dynamic, animated graphs to visually tell the very latest Peninsula Petroleum story, ensuring all staff had the very latest version.

The Results

Peninsula Petroleum now work with Square1 as their out-of-house marketing department, particularly calling upon us for presentation development projects. Given the work we’ve done to really understand and communicate their brand values, they know a simple call to us will result in a presentation that’s totally on brand for them – telling the right story in the right way and beautifully written, designed and presented in an engaging PowerPoint experience. They don’t have to explain what they want – we instinctively know what to do and how to do it.

 “This was easily the most ambitious project we’ve ever undertaken and we needed a professional marketing partner who could handle every element, from brand development through strategy and finally promotion. Luckily, we had them!”


Peninsula Petroleum


Peninsula Petroleum is a leading physical bunker and lubricant supplier with an international network of offices and operations in the world's busiest ports.


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