Changing the game of business travel management on both sides of the Atlantic…

The first and only ISO Certified B2B travel management company in the USA, TS24 are a game-changer in their industry and demand a marketing company who can realise their ambition.

We work as an extension of TS24’s own organisation, providing a seamless marketing communications function across their US National and International (All Stars) businesses. This service spans every element of marketing, from brand strategy and campaign management through to website and collateral design and implementation.

Acting as their out-of-house marketing department, distance and timezones are not a problem; because of the depths we’ve gone to in really understanding our US clients and then defining and communicating them through marketing assets. TS24 can simply call us and ask for a new presentation to a prospect or lead generation campaign for a certain market. And that’s it, we need no further brief than that to create some stunning strategy and collateral that’s on brand, on target and delivers results every time.

TS24 know quality when they see it and despite being based in Columbus Ohio, are very happy to not only work with us on this side of the pond, but also to recommend us whenever they get the chance. Thanks guys!

“The Square1 guys are just awesome. They know us better than we know ourselves and so we trust them implicitly to just get on with things and get it right.”

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TS24 is a Travel Management Company based in Ohio, USA. By utilizing a unique client-centric methodology focused on specially tailored services and technology tools, TS24 provides the highest level of service for their Business Travel clients in combination with innovative technology.

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