MP Interviewed for the Academy

As part of our on-going marketing support of The Giles Business Travel Academy, we recently interviewed the Rt Hon Cheryl Gillan at her offices in Westminster for a video testimonial.

Cheryl is an MP local to the Academy and has been an advocate of the work that the Academy has been doing since their inception.

Video testimonials are a fantastic way to demonstrate client or partner satisfaction, and help to reinforce a brand’s message. Having other people advocate your business instils confidence for existing and potential new clients or business partners. Offering this information in a video testimonial is not only a compelling and engaging way of delivering your message; it also provides viewers with real, visual confirmation of positive experiences as they are literally able to see and hear from the interviewee themselves.

Find out more about the work we’ve done with The Giles Business Travel Academy or visit our Vimeo page to see other video’s that we’ve put together.

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