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WJ Groundwater

WJ Groundwater offer a complete design, installation and maintenance service for all groundwater management and control requirements.

The Brief

Initially, WJ Groundwater were looking for an agency who could replace their ageing existing website with something a little more contemporary. They were referred to Square1 by one of our previous clients.

We found Square1 after discussion with one of their previous clients and having seen the results that they had achieved in redeveloping and relaunching their website.
Richard Fielden | Managing Director | WJ Groundwater

After initial discussions with WJ, Square1 established that a simple online “paint job” would not be enough to achieve WJ’s brand and marketing objectives moving forward. In an industry saturated with brands that did little to excite their target audiences and prospective markets, Square1 recognised that WJ had the perfect opportunity to make a real impact; cementing their existing place as one of the UK’s leaders in their field.

The Solution

True to our name, we took WJ back to square one to analyse their existing brand and the perceptions of their workforce. Starting with our trademark Brand Audit and Analysis, we got to the heart of what the WJ brand meant to WJ’s people. This helped us understand what the brand actually meant to those that were living it day-in, day-out. Always a useful by-product of this approach is that we also gleaned valuable (and anonymous) insider insight to WJ’s management team. The review consisted of online SWOT (Strength – Weaknesses – Opportunities – Threats) and MOST (Mission – Objective – Strategy – Tactics) exercises which, once analysed, were followed up by two separate on-site workshop sessions facilitated and conducted by Square1. We also delivered a real page-turner of a report!

Working collaboratively with WJ at every step of the way, we were able to distil WJ’s brand proposition, values and ethos; understanding and defining their positioning in the groundwater engineering landscape. The result was our comprehensive WJ Brand Report. This 50 page bible covered everything from the research results and our interpretation of these, to competitor analysis, commercial differentiations, brand philosophy, strategic imperatives and much more. This detailed analysis of the WJ brand was much more than a simple collection of ideas; it provided true insight not just into WJ’s marketing but into management styles, strategies for improving internal engagement and how the renewed brand could help WJ meet its long term business objectives.

The Brand Report that Square1 delivered was an invaluable tool from a brand perspective but also gave us great insight into staff engagement across the organisation.
Richard Fielden | Managing Director | WJ Groundwater

Following the Brand Report, Square1 produced WJ’s Brand Books, which contained everything needed to understand the WJ identity and reproduce this in whatever format was needed. This included basic design elements such as corporate font stacks and colour palettes, to tone of voice guidelines and examples. Every branded element from corporate stationery to van livery was redesigned to ensure a cohesive, consistent brand experience across all mediums. A full suite of Microsoft Office templates were created, including Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents to ensure a consistent brand delivery. Once agreed upon, we developed this further, producing the marketing assets and collateral (which included the website that they were originally looking for) using an entirely new design concept that would stand them apart from their competition and work in harmony with their core strengths.

But assets are only part of the story. They’re of little use unless they are implemented correctly. With WJ’s new brand concept finalised, Square1 helped them launch it to their existing and prospective client base. Moreover, we held WJ’s hand every step of the way to help them bring their brand to life! Square1 ran interactive and fun workshops with members of staff from every level of the business, to ensure that the WJ brand was understood and communicated correctly. Brand is not a set of assets or mechanical styleguide, it’s a living thing. These lively sessions engaged everyone in the organization to really understand the WJ brand and to recognize how and why its ethos is brought to life.

The Results

When approaching Square1, WJ were looking for someone to give them a new website. What they received instead was a refreshed brand that not only stands out, but stands for something.

By going through our three step process of Consult, Create and Communicate, the depth of insight gained meant that the creative we produced correctly positioned WJ as the confident, go-to experts in their industry. Having seen an immediate increase in web visits, improved internal and client sentiment and direct enquiries off the back of the very first eMarketing campaign, the results speak for themselves. Within three months of the refreshed brand going live and the first marketing campaigns being implemented, significant new business wins have been secured.

And with Square1 supporting them with their communications strategy, continuing new business development campaigns and on-going project work, WJ continue to reap the benefits of starting at Square1.

The results have been fantastic and the site  – and rebranding in general – will continue to impress for years to come.
Richard Fielden | Managing Director | WJ Groundwater


WJ Groundwater


WJ Groundwater offers a complete groundwater control and management service, which encompasses design, installation and maintenance programmes to businesses throughout the UK and overseas. We work within many industry sectors, and are proud to have been part of the smallest and the largest infrastructure schemes across the globe.

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