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The Oceånico Group

Bringing aspirational living to life…

Oceånico build international developments of luxury leisure properties as well as managing an extensive portfolio of world class golfing and holiday resorts throughout Europe and North America. Having previously created their entire brand strategy, we were perfectly placed to bring their latest innovation to life.

The Brief

The Oceånico Prestige Residence Club (OPRC) is more than just luxury holidays and property investment, it’s a way of life. Our job was to give this lifestyle a three dimensional identity and then take it to market with strategic launches and multi-touch creative.

The Solution

Following the successful development of a brand and marketing strategy, a truly worldwide production was undertaken to create groundbreaking sales and marketing tools through unique content. At its heart was a fully interactive cinema presentation, using dynamic maps and videos to help communicate different lifestyle aspects of numerous Oceånico locations.

All these elements and content were then re-purposed for extra marketing campaigns, including  television and point-of-sale advertising as well as huge PR exercises.

To really bring everything to life, we finished by hosting ‘Bring the Brand to Life’ training sessions with every member of the Oceånico staff (all 300+ of them) so that everyone, from the Finance Director to the Greens Staff, knew, understood and communicated the Prestige brand.

The Results

Quite simply, an incredible experience for prospects, clients and members of OPRC. We gave life to a new lifestyle and successfully brought that to targeted markets in North America, Ireland, Europe and the UK. We also achieve a very happy CEO and FD.

“This was easily the most ambitious project we’ve ever undertaken and we needed a professional marketing partner who could handle every element, from brand development through strategy and finally promotion. Luckily, we had them!”

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Oceanico Group


Oceanico Group is one of the leading property developers and golf and resort operators in the Algarve.

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