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Technicolor is a global market leader in film and television… and a household name. To get that same level of kudos for their international Network Services division, they needed branding and marketing that could build on their reputation right from square one.

The Brief

To develop and position Technicolor’s international playout (broadcast) and content delivery services within a global marketplace. We were also tasked with marketing their various in-house creative services and television post-production facilities.

The Solution

Building on the established heritage of the Technicolor brand, we began by developing a new corporate identity for Technicolor Network Services. This included a full CI Manual and Style Guide and various applications to new marketing assets, from presentation templates to signage, front-of-house promotional design to livery and various branded collateral.

Simultaneously, we consulted on and created a fully scoped brand strategy, which helped us then prepare the UK and European Marketing Strategy. With this in place, we further helped Technicolor with the design and production of various marketing assets, including direct marketing campaigns and trade advertising.

The Results

The Technicolor household brand evolved and a new specialist identity was created within the B2B marketplace. For the first time, Network Services was given it’s own identity, focus, brand and marketing strategies. The subsequent campaigns we ran helped propel Technicolor Network Services to the top of their industry ranking and got invited to some major new clients RFPs.

John and the team went to great lengths to get to know us and what we stand for before they even thought about what was right for our markets. Then they quickly came up with some fantastic ideas and, just as importantly for us, brought those ideas to life… delivering a range of branded and marketing materials which really made a difference to our business. Very impressive.”




Technicolor, a worldwide technology leader in the media and entertainment sector.


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